Author: Amy

Norman Doors: Why simple things should be simple

Sitting in my office right now, the only ‘not-designed’ thing I can see (aside from people), is a single plant. Other than that… um, the air? The main things that surround me are computers: obviously designed. But even stuff like mugs, desks, and the doors have been designed by someone, somewhere. A door seems like a pretty simple concept; it’s a bit of wall that moves. But we sometimes design them to within an inch of their lives, and make them completely unusable. The other day I went to a small theatre where the entire front wall of the building was...

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Class: Week 1 – Intro to User Experience Design

Today was my first class at GA. I was super excited to get started… and even climbing up four flights of stairs right after cycling 3 miles didn’t ruin my enthusiasm. We started by introducing ourselves and then filling post it notes with our expectations for the course and sticking them on the board. I immediately wanted to take a photo of them and initially felt a bit embarrassed to ask… but then whaddaya know, one of the teaching assistants headed up to take his own picture and the instructor told us we should always take photos of our process. Sweet....

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Why I’m learning UX Design

Some people might describe me as a complainer. I spot problems. I’m a problem spotter. I notice when things are being done badly and, well, it bothers me. I also love solutions! Thinking up suggestions for how a system could be improved comes naturally and I love it when a system already works better than I expected. Everyone is like this to some extent. We all hate those automated check out machines, for example. Some people miss the human interaction but, even aside from that, the machines themselves are annoying to use. We know this, it’s a meme, it’s standard. I’m not sure though, that it’s...

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