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Author: Amy

User Flows and Navigation

I wanted to share a few bits I’ve been working on for my Comedy Discovery project (which really needs a name, by the way). User Flows I already made some User Goal based Task Flows a couple of weeks ago, but these User Flows are more process based and helped me think through a couple of things. Drawing right on my whiteboard means it’s easy to scrub stuff out and redo it. In this flow I’m highlighting how logged in users get personalised recommendations – but users without an account can still search through the gigs available. I also...

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Class: Week 6 – User Flows and Navigation

It’s week 6, which marks half-way through the course! User Flows First we looked at different ways of presenting User Flows, from sketches (which would be used in-house), to technical diagrams, to illustrated story boards (which clients would love). I really liked the idea of storyboards, which can be accompanied by narrative copy about Personas using the service. We had a go at creating a user flow for ordering pizza. We started with the Happy Path in mind, the most simple route to happiness/pizza. We used a few different types of symbolic boxes like decision diamonds. One interesting one...

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User Goals and Task Analysis

I set about defining some user goals and doing a task analysis of how a user would complete those goals! Firstly, what do those phrases mean? User Goals This is any goal a user might have, such as “make an account” or something more general. A user goal for Spotify might be “listen to music” or “find some new bands”. Task Analysis Task analysis involves splitting down the steps to achieve a goal. So you could perform a task analysis on “Bake a Cake” and include steps like “Measure the flour” and “Mix ingredients together” The simple user goals...

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Class: Week 5 – Content Strategy and Information Architecture

Okay it’s become clear that I need to read Intertwingled. I’m aiming at 52 books in 2015 (3 down so far) and Intertwingled is next on my list. Hopefully I’ll have some more interesting opinions once I’ve finished reading that. I love all this stuff about organising stuff, though. For someone who thought of myself as disorganised for most of my life, I’ve discovered I sure do like categorising, pattern spotting and sensibly ordering things. This week we started out looking at the different types of content, as in: main, supporting and interface. We analysed a page on Foursquare...

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Class: Week 4 – Business Analysis & Product Management, Usability Testing

We got in to class this week to find a moleskin notebook and a candy cane as a Christmas gift from GA, which was nice! This was a really packed week! We started out by chatting about the homework from last week, which had been to define a problem statement and project brief. Seems like other people had found it tough too. It’s hard to define a brief for yourself and to nail it down to a MVP. At the end of the class we looked through a good example from a classmate who had used the persona quote...

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