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Author: Amy

Class: Week 11 – Final Presentations!

Well, we’ve almost reached the end of class, so this week we gave our final presentations. I’ll take you through some of my presentation here… My project is called Disco Giggle, it’s a comedy discovery service. Here is the problem that I am trying to solve. I wrote this problem statement after performing user and competitor research. For my user research, I interviewed 11 people. This was a combination of in person interviews and online surveys. I started asking people to fill out a survey I created in Google Forms, but after a couple of responses, I found people...

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Class: Week 10 – Red Badger Field Trip

This was a really fun week of class! Our teacher Joe Dollar-Smirnov took us to Red Badger HQ, where he is head of UX. We talked through some career tips and then had a tour around the offices. It was super interesting to learn the history of the agency, and also get a peek at their Kanban board. In the second half of class we had a presentation about user interview skills, from Stephanie Troeth from MailChimp. We had looked at user research early on in the course, but it was really great to go over it again, with...

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Class: Week 9 – Search and Usability Testing

Search This week we started out talking about search and search results. Google obviously is the one to talk about here, and we looked at some of the user friendliness Google provides that we take for granted, such as metadata and auto complete suggestions, which can be very illuminating. We talked about a few different aspects of search and results such as facets, filters and information scents. One interesting thing to think about is what happens when there are no results to a user’s search – it’s an opportunity to help them along their way with a useful suggestion,...

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Class: Week 8 – Prototypes and Forms

This week we had a guest speaker, Chris Clarke, UX architect at the Guardian. He gave us a really interesting overview of how the Guardian runs some of their usability testing, creates simple prototypes and gets things out the door for people to give feedback on. They have pulled together a panel of international enthusiasts, who give their time voluntarily to give feedback on various designs and prototypes. The Guardian made a choice not to be precious about what they let people see. Some stakeholders might worry that, since things have the Guardian logo on them, they should be...

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Class: Week 7 – Wireframes

We’re well into the course now – over half way! We had presentations again this week. Here I am, chatting about navigation ideas for my comedy app project In the second half of class, we started looking at Wireframing. We talked about different fidelity level options, and where it would be appropriate to use different types of wireframe. There are lots of different ways to wireframe, from sketches to high fidelity work created in software like Balsamiq. One girl in my class mentioned how, with her clients, she likes to hold an education session at the start of working...

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